Friday, May 9, 2008

Add-ons for IE

Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser in terms of extensions and Add-ons and this is the reason why its the most preferred browser among bloggers. But Internet Explorer users, need not worry as IE too have some good add-ons to customize the features. Here is the list of top 8 useful and popular add-ons for Internet Explorer.

1. IE7Pro: IE7Pro is an add-on for IE 7 which adds lots of features and extras to make your IE easier, more useful, secure and customizable. IE7Pro includes Tabbed Browsing Management, AD Blocker, Flash Block, Super Drag Drop, Crash Recovery, Proxy Switcher, Mouse Gesture, Tab History Browser, Inline Search, User Agent Switcher, Webpage Capturer, Greasemonkey like User Scripts platform, User Plug-ins and many more power packed features. You can customize not just internet Explorer, but even your favorite web site according to your need and taste using IE7Pro.

2. IE Spell: IESpell is a add-on for Internet Explorer v6 and v7. It checks the spelling of almost any text that you enter in IE, whether it be Web-based email, blog entries, forums, dairies and so on. The add-on also lets you look up the meaning of a word in your choice of several online dictionaries. This add-on is especially useful for bloggers composing and publishing posts through IE. Firefox has an in-build spell checker.

3. Inline Search: Inline Search is an add-on which allows you to easily find words or phrases within a web page. This is similar to the Firefox’s search behavior which searches for the word as you type. The keyboard shortcut for search is CTRL+F, which brings up a toolbox in the status bar.

4. Google Preview IE: GooglePreviewIE is a toolbar for Internet Explorer which inserts thumbnail images of web sites directly into both Google and Yahoo search results. It also features a pop-up blocker and enhanced search functionality, the toolbar lets you easily preview the look and feel of a site without actually visiting it.

5. IE7 Open Last Closed Tab: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab is a plug-in for Internet Explorer 7 that makes “Alt-X” reopens the last closed tab. This is very useful when you accidentally close a tab that you didn’t mean to close. Instead of trying to find it in your browser history, you hit “Alt-X” and it automatically reopens in a new tab. Alt-Q will give you thumbnails of the previous tabs you’ve closed.

6. Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon is a toolbar for IE which allows you to discover thousands of web sites that match your interests. You can also write reviews about the websites, recommend and share sites with your friends network. It has been a great hit among bloggers. Stumble Upon also supports IE6.

7. Add Search Providers: Add Search Providers allows you to add search engines to the default search in IE. You can also create your own search toolbar (just follow the instructions on the page) if the desired search engine is not featured in the list.

8. Convert & download Youtube: Convert and Download YouTube add-on helps you to batch download and convert Youtube video in a click. With this you can download and convert Youtube flash video (FLV file), flash to AVI (divx, mp3), flash to MOV, flash to MP4 (iPod, PSP), flash to 3GP (mobile), flash to mp3 (audio only), converts FLV to MPEG4 more faster.

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