Friday, May 9, 2008

Keyword Importance

Google results are generally based on 4 major criteria:

  • Keyword Density
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Page Rank (Back Links)
  • Content

Keyword Density:

The density of keyword affects the ranking of your page. The higher the keyword density the higher is your rank so one should always include a 30-40 word paragraph containing key-word rich content, thus increasing the keyword density.

Keyword Prominence:

The keywords you have chosen should appear in title, Meta and H tags with some occurrence in the body also. So you should not define Google without putting the word Google in the body of the definition. This means H and P tags should go hand shaking with each other.

Page Rank (Back Links):

The more site links to your site better is the page rank of your site and more relevant your site is. Google also takes into consideration the words [or Anchor text] that appear in your back links.


Some say that the Content of your site is the king, but for me it’s actually the crown which the webmaster wears if his site has the right content. Build the content and users will be interested just be reading it. The best proof of it is you are reading till the last line of this post because it has the content for you to help you.

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